Business and Community Engagement

Our KEY Community engagement & youth PROGRAM Partners

*D.I.C.E. Like A Boss Club (Pilot Program)*

D2L is engaging with the Student U Middle School population, Dreams 2 Life,  Inc. innovative D.I.C.E. Like A Boss Club is serving in the Student U . After-School space with a pilot hands-on and project-based AS Club. With a  "think-tank" culture, Student U participants are learning what it takes to 

*D*esign, *I*nnovate, *C*reate and *E*valuate (D.I.C.E.), a D2L-originally  designed business training model that solves real-world problems in an  academic, yet fun and engaging environment. Students are exploring their  diverse interests while developing an introductory-level understanding of  how to apply leadership skills such as public speaking, marketing, resource  management, along with basics of business plan development and basic  accounting principles.

*Academic Support Nights*

Through interactive and intentional programming collaboration with Blue  Ribbon Mentoring, and in support of both organization's mission to enhance  academic excellence, our D2L Team of facilitators provide service to their  community quarterly. These evenings provide mutually beneficial  programming that not only introduces their students to our D.I.C.E.  concepts and innovation, but also meets the needs of the Blue Ribbon  community with curriculum such as opening a checking/savings account, how  to balance a check-book, basic fund-raising concepts, how to begin  formulating a business plan and formulating their ideas and "dreams" and  effectively beginning a plan of action to reach their career and  entrepreneurial goals.

*St. Paul Village Community Walk & 5K Run*

Dreams 2 Life, Inc. is supporting by providing event sponsorship through  service-learning opportunities. As our first year in this regard, our  voluntary team is providing fiscal support this year. We will further  engage by offering internship and apprenticeship program opportunities to 

the youth at St. Paul's community in areas such as: event planning,  budgeting, and additionally support Fitness & Wellness initiatives at the  St. Paul A.M.E. Church. 

*The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce*

Photo Credit: Morgan Crutchfield