We encourage our youth to DREAM BIG. As a corporate  community leader, we welcome your intentional support of our mission.  There are various opportunities to invest in the lives of the youth we serve.  For example,  by sponsoring a youth at various levels of support for their passion to pursue their entrepreneurial and leadership dreams, we believe your tax-deductible funds will ensure successful socio-economic empowerment, and subsequent reciprocity as the students are empowered to achieve their dreams.  Please review the summary details underlying our vision and reach out to Kathleen Lindsay ( ) or 919.391.3993 to discuss how your Corporate-level giving and sponsorship can change the trajectory of many middle school and high school students in this region.  Thank you for your careful consideration.

As a youth development organization, Dreams 2 Life is focused on entrepreneurship and leadership development programming that will eliminate racial and culturally-motivated access disparities to training that translates into socio-economically empowered young adults.  In short, our activities will provide alternative solutions (i.e. every child's success may look differently in terms of academic achievements), therefore D2L programming will provide access to programs translating to enhanced fiscal responsibility and overall success through sound multi-faceted entrepreneurial and leadership training.  Our programming will teach youth how to build wealth and subsequently break the cycle of systemic poverty.  Dreams 2 Life will engage students on various aspects of their lives through a project-based and team-building learning model based on our five (5) key service areas: Coaching, Mentoring, Cultural Enrichment, Apprenticeships/Internships, and Academic Excellence. (See our website for more details - We encourage students towards careers in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), however, our uniquely designed programs (D.I.C.E. | D-Design, I-Innovation, C-Creativity, E-Evaluation) will produce student experiences that match closely with their skills and passions on a personal and goal-orientation level. Ultimately, our D2L engagement with impacted students will equip them to become problem solving, socio-economically empowered and innovative servant-leaders in our community. 

Additionally, with a fitness and wellness component, we will also address some of the health challenges for our youth due to the aforementioned access disparities, while also providing opportunities for students to explore relevant entrepreneurial-based careers, i.e. physical therapists, trainers, or coaching. We will match youth with purposeful (both paid and unpaid) apprenticeships and internship opportunities within our local communities (Durham and Chapel-Hill, North Carolina). Subsequently, community service will be embedded into our culture and all of our program components provide a holistic approach for greater long-term positive outcomes and cyclical impact through reciprocity.

Thank you for your investment.

The Dreams 2 Life, Inc. Team

Photo Credit: Morgan Crutchfield